05. Surface Area & Volume

5.5 Geometry of three-dimensional solids; distance between two points; angle between two lines or between a line and a plane


Textbook Reference

Prior Learning p 535-539
3.3 Two-dimensional shapes
3.4 Perimeter
3.5 Area

10.4 Surface areas of three-dimensional solids p436-441
    - Surface areas of solids with all faces plane 
Exercise 10E
    - Surface area of solids with at least one curved face 
Exercise 10F
            - Cylinder
            - Sphere
            - Cone
10.5 Volumes of three-dimensional solids p441-447
    - Volume of a prism 
Exercise 10G
    - Volume of a cylinder
    - Volume of a pyramid    
    - Volume of a cone
    - Volume of a sphere 
Exercise 10H

Review exercises p448-450
Paper 1 style questions Q1, 4, 6, 7
Paper 2 style questions Q1, 2, 3, 4

Chapter Summary p450-451

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