08. Sets & Probability

Textbook References
Oxford University Press - 978-0-19-839013-8

IB Mathematical Studies SL Course Book 2nd Edition: Oxford IB Diploma Programme

8.1 Basic Set Theory p331-353
8.2 Venn Diagrams p334-342
        - Universal set
        - Subsets
        - Intersection
        - Union
        - Complement

8.3 Extending to three sets p343-345

8.4 Problem-solving using Venn diagrams p345-351

8.5 Basic Probability Theory p352-355

8.6 Conditional Probability p355-359

8.7 Two Special Cases: Mutually Exclusive and Independent Events p360-363

8.8 Sample Space Diagrams p364-366

8.9 Tree Diagrams p367-371
    - 'Without replacement' problems

Review exercises p371-376: All Questions
5.4 The Chi-Squared Test p233-241


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