07. Further Statistics

4.1 The normal distribution
The concept of a random variable; of the
parameters; of the bell shape; the symmetry.
Diagrammatic representation.
Normal probability calculations.
Expected value.
Inverse normal calculations.

4.2 Bivarate Data: the concept of correlation

4.3 The regression line for y on x

4.4 The chi-squared test for independence


Textbook Reference

Prior Learning p 541-543
4.1 Statistical Graphs

Chapter 5 p202-253
5.1  The normal distribution p204-216
-The properties of a normal distribution
- Inverse normal calculations

5.2 Correlation p216-228
- Types of Correlation
- Line of best fit
-Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient

5.3 The regression line p228-232

5.4 The chi-squared test p233-241

Review exercises p242-249

Chapter 5 Summary p249-251

IBO Formula Booklet

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