03. Functions

Relevant textbook pages 

4.1 Functions p134-146
    - Domain and range of a function
    - Graph of a function
    - Function notation
    - Functions as mathematical models

4.2 Linear models p147-152
    - Linear models involving simultaneous equations

4.3 Quadratic models p152-165
    - Sketching quadratic graphs
    - Intersection of two functions
    - Finding the equation of a quadratic function from its graph
    - Quadratic models

4.4 Exponential models p166-174
    - Exponential functions and their graphs
    - Graphs of exponential functions
    - Applications of exponential functions

4.5 Graphs of functions in the form ... p175-187
    - Cubic functions
    - Graphs of functions when the power of x is a negative integer
    - Graphs of more complex functions
    - Sketching more complex graphs
4.6 Using a GDC to solve equations p187-188

4.7 Graphs of real life situations p188-192

Review exercises p192-197
Paper 1 style questions
Paper 2 style questions

End of chapter summary p198-199

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