06. Descriptive Statistics

IBO Syllabus 

Topic 2 - Descriptive Statistics

2.1 Discrete & continuous data

2.2 Frequency table of discrete data

2.3 Grouped data (discrete & continuous): 
frequency tables
mid-interval values
upper and lower boundaries
frequency histogram

2.4 Cumulative frequency 
cumulative frequency tables for grouped data
cumulative frequency curves
box & whisker diagram

2.5 Measures of central tendancy
Simple discrete data:  mean, median, mode
Grouped data (discrete & continuous): estimate of mean, modal class

2.6 Measures of dispersion
interquartile range (IQR)
standard deviation

IBO Syllabus

Textbook Reference

Prior Learning p 541-543
4.1 Statistical Graphs

Chapter 2 p42-

2.1  Classification of data p44-47
- Population and sample

2.2 Simple discrete data p47-48

2.3 Grouped discrete or continuous data p48-53
- Upper and lower boundaries
- Frequency histograms

2.4 Measures of central tendency p54-60
-Mean, median and mode from a frequency table
- Mean, medan and mode for grouped data

2.5 Cumulative frequency curves p61-66
- Interpreting cumulative frequency graphs

2.6 Box and wisker graphs p67-72
- Interpreting box and wisker graphs

2.7 Measures of dispersion p73-78
- Interpreting cumulative frequency graphs

Review exercises p78-82

Chapter 2 Summary p82-83

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