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DP Applications & Interpretation SL

Growth Mindset
based on Dweck's model

Growth Mindset Student Board


Do something each day. 
Choose either a DP past paper exam question, textbook question, task on mathletics or use Kognity.
The exam questions are really important practice so do try and get a few of these done each week.

Work in the Learning Zone.
This is where you learn best. 
Get out of the comfort zone - you wont be learning.
Be confident in your ability to work through any difficulties you have and be proud of everything you do.
You CAN do it.

Correct your work.
Always check the answers when you have done your best on a question. Try to work through anything you got wrong or didn't understand. 

Ask for help.
Always ask if there is anything you don't understand or are unsure about.




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